Monday, February 05, 2007

Now home, on Monday evening. Lots of reflection yesterday and today. The weekend was successful for the Midiri Band, and a positive experience for me. What follows are ramblings from my diary from yesterday (Sunday):

Sitting in the little puddle jumper airport in Decatur. Jimmy’s lego monument will likely remain until some other youngster gets a hold of them. Feeling pretty good, all things considered.. I am suspicious that flying, and the resultant changes in air pressure has some effect on my sinuses and the recurring headaches. Today will continue the "clinical research". Noone was particularly chipper or bubbling with enthusiasm this morning (prior to the set), but the final set of the festival (for us) went very well. I learned my lesson that I must insist on moving the piano to allow for a direct "line of sound" with the rest of the rhythm section. Last night I trusted the sound tech to give me what I asked for through the monitor. The only thing I really got was frustration. This morning, on the same stage, we repositioned the piano so I could hear the rest of the rhythm section, and it made all the difference. Ultimately, I am reminded that this scene isn’t the goal for me. I now wonder, though, if I am as clear enough on what my ultimate goal is as I could be. Unrelated: "Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to hell" - John Sheridan, describing the joys of figured bass analysis prior to Rameau’s (in the 17th century) establishing the triad chord as a (new) entity and starting point. I drew attention to myself by laughing at that from across the room. Wonder if I would be better served interacting with everyone else rather then isolating myself here at the computer. Probably so. Still waiting for the flight. Boarding was supposed to begin 12 minutes ago, departure in 18 minutes, and we haven’t been put through security yet, neither is our plane here. I don’t like flying. Ah ha, here comes a plane.


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