Saturday, February 03, 2007

And fun it is. Today's schedule is a little lopsided. We've played (only) 1 regular set (50 minutes, at this festival - too short, really) and 1 short (20 minute set) so far. The larger piece of performing for us today is still to come, and it's already 9pm. One set at 9:30, and another at 11:30pm. Following that is a late night jam session, which I will not attend, since we're checking out tomorrow, and our last set is at 11am (ish-esque). These festival environments (with the Midiri Boys) have been the most difficult occasions to let go of any personal agenda on stage and find the "zone"/spitirual place. It isn't terrible, though, just not (yet) what it could be. I'm sleepy. Time for bed - not.


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