Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's really something when things begin to "come together", and how many "individual components" meld and shape into what we grow to understand. As I wrote last night, and observed what I was writing, I realized how important that brief exchange with John had been in opening my mind ("be transformed by the renewing of"). As I wrote, I also thought about an exchange that I had years later with a pastor friend. He was expressing (in general terms) his frustration with a difficult board member. He said; "Joe, I'm seriously thinking that this man may be demon-possessed". I calmly (sometimes a feat for me) responded that the human condition/"sinfulness", would be a more than adequate explanation for the situation, and he should probably deal with this person form that position. He stopped and thought for a brief moment than said "Yeah, Joe, you're probably right". Thanks, John.


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