Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since I’m posting video, I just came across this today. Was aware that someone with a camera recorded portions of the “Women Helping Women” concert in February at the Prince Theatre - and here’s the proof. Melissa McGlynn can be found often on the local stages, and she has a presence all her own. This is fun to revisit (as it was fun to play), as I seldom find myself in situations doing tunes like this. The problem is not that I can’t (which I hope is obvious), but just that I have been (almost) ridiculously underexposed to pop/contemporary music culture at many times and places in my life. When I find myself on something other that a jazz/standards gig, it often happens that I (alone) will encounter songs for the first time, that everyone else in the room could sing in their sleep. This one I had at least heard before (though never played). Also - I like playing solo piano and demonstrating that you don’t always need a rhythm section :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The first video in a 4 post playlist from the Milton Theatre concert: "Happiness ... A Thing called Jazz" (click through to the video, and read the description for the link to the playlist). Seems like a long time ago, as so many things are spinning around. It was a very successful evening, and it's sure that we will be able to keep this concept going. Right now, the focus of attention (or, perhaps, rising to the top of the many ongoing) has become the Beth McDonald concert at the Avalon Theatre on 5/15. Devoted a good part of the day to a rehearsal and (dinner) meeting with Beth, Mike, and Gary. Putting the finishing touches on what will be, for sure, another wonderful evening - some of it very different from the aformentioned concert - but every bit as strong. It's an exciting time, really - a time to keep the "catcher's mitt" handy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just got home (a little after 2AM now) from the "Happiness ... A Thing Called Jazz concert at the Milton Theatre. To repeat my Facebook Fan Page post - "What a great time at the Milton Theatre concert! Fabulous playing (and singing) on stage, and a great connection with a wonderful audience. Not used to using so many superlatives, but just getting home (now 1:59AM) after a great gig - that's how I feel. Thanks to all! PS - Should be posting some video in the next few days."  Looking forward to watching the video, and enjoying the great playing from my friends on stage. Will let you know when I post some. Better get some sleep - want to be "perky" for the Brunch gig at "202 Dover" tomorrow   :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Sunday, the "Jazz Brunch" that was expected to begin months ago, began, suddenly. Or, practically so, with a week's notice. The Inn at 202 Dover (in Easton MD, not Dover) is a lovely destination, with a beautiful piano (the owner's) in the parlor. The acoustics are such that the sound carries well throughout the entire first floor (which includes the dining room). The Brunch will need a little time to latch on to people's awareness, and plans, but we're hopeful for an upward trend beginning Sunday - actually, not tomorrow, as the clock hit midnight just before I clicked "publish". Speaking of tomorrow, this is one of those circumstances (that I'm sort of getting used to) where there is a concert with soft advance ticket sales. Last time this happened to us at the Milton Theatre (where the Joe Holt Trio headlines the show this weekend), we maxed the house. In other words, Joe, over the next 2 days, prepare for anything.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Don't know where to start, but to say these last few weeks have been among my busiest, and most productive. The load is lightening, a bit, as my participation on Beth's McDonald's CD project is now completed, and the new "Joe Holt Trio" CD: "Happiness...A Thing Called Jazz" is almost ready for production. Sustained "stillness" has been more difficult to capture lately. This (places/moments of stillness) is at the top of my agenda list (yes, that's a silly statement) today. Toward the conclusion of worship this morning, I was finding a quieter place, which I need.