Monday, August 20, 2018

Music makes connections, in so many ways. I remember the day, 25 or so years ago, when it  became crystal clear, in an epiphany moment, that there was, indeed, a reason I was to make music. Up until that point, it was because I enjoyed it. And I could. And (for some strange reason) it seemed a reasonable way. or at least the most realistic one for me, to make a living. And then, in an instant, looking out into a crowd as I was playing, I saw a gentleman (whom I didn't know) and understood why I was there. It was for him. But in him I also saw everyone, outside of myself, beyond the motivation that I enjoy playing piano, or that it provides some benefit to me. Outside of myself. It truly turned my world, or at least my internal landscape, upside down. To realize that I am playing piano not for me, but for the man/woman in the audience. For the connection that is made. For the benefit that is provided. The years that followed brought the gradual unfolding of what this means, and how it happens. And now, every time I play, I have the task, the opportunity, the joy, of connecting with someone. Or many people in a room, or concert venue, that can become as one. It's the same connection I make with the music every morning when I begin my practice routine. I've learned that the connection itself is outside of me, even as it is within me. And it is a place, or space to be shared. 
Yesterday I had the joy of performing in a small, invitation only house concert, and made a new friend, whom I invited to sit at the piano/keyboard with me to improvise together. Sophia experienced the shared space. I trust that this will inspire her as she continues on. 


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