Thursday, May 10, 2007

Had 3 great gigs last weekend. All different, but all the same - they were all great. In each one, I felt fully "in command" of my role, and it's fulfillment. A solo piano house party (I only take these selectively) began the weekend on Friday night. This was a surprise birthday dinner for a wonderful person whom I have gotten to know through my senior work. Presenting me to her revealed the surprise. That was cool. Later in the evening, a few guests (it was a small party) sat around the piano creating, in effect, a mini-concert. In the small world department, a gentleman was in attendance who has attended several of my concerts at the Mainstay. He smiled a lot, and said (repeatedly) to those around him: "I've paid money to hear this guy!". On Saturday, I enjoyed a very strong and successful evening with Bryan Clark (and Mike McShane on drums). On Sunday afternoon, I was up in Easton, Pa. (150 miles north of me) for a concert performance with the Midiri Brothers sextet. I was taken aback a little by how many attendees greeted me by name prior to the hit. I also "observed", pleasantly, how this new command (it really is like an artistic 'born again" experience at this point) allowed me to deal with "curve balls", and other unexpected stuff that would have, in the past, tied me up in knots on stage. It seems that the "constipation" (discussed in prior entries) has found a spiritual cure.


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