Saturday, July 07, 2007

Really, late on Friday night; much later than I intended to stay up. Always stuff to take up time, you know. I "broke down" and ordered a wireless network broadband modem (the USB version of an "air card"), and spent a large amount of time getting the thing to work - and there still is an account issue that I'll have to resolve tomorrow; you know how it is. I wanted this in time to take to the Mammoth festival (next week). Last year I learned how little public wi-fi is available in such an isolated town. Now it's covered. It's something how involved with, and how dependant I become on the Internet. The Youtube channel is taking a lot of attention at the moment, and it's exciting to watch it come together. The online demos have already helped me secure a worship service at Dover AFB (no public access, hence it does not appear on my schedule) this Sunday. In addition, it appears to have helped spread the anticipation, as I am "checked out" on Youtube in advance. 18 videos now, and near to 1000 views. Check it out!


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