Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The summer (gigging) calender has filled out fairly well, and I'm grateful. What has come on particularly strong lately is the sideman work. Sometimes I don't appreciate these gigs as much as I should, given my personal goals concerning growth and opportunities as a soloist. "We may make our plans, but the Lord determines the outcome" comes to mind here. At any rate, and for whatever it's worth and whatever it means, I continue to feel in ever deeper command of my playing/expression. What began over a year ago as a personal discovery (epiphany) regarding the spiritual nature of music making, and the ability to move beyond myself in the process, has become an increasing opportunity to make a difference - I feel - with these (more deeply developed) connections. I really do feel that I'm being prepared for something. Not knowing "the outcome", the best I can do right now is to pursue artistic growth as much as possible (because I'm just getting started here), and aggressively promote (I get distracted from some aspects of this, sometimes) to the extent that I understand how. Related to this, my "you tube" (video) "channel" is now up to 7 posts, with a steady stream of visitors. These visitors create new traffic on my website, and that's a good thing. if you check out the videos, let me know what you think. Thanks!


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