Saturday, May 26, 2007

Actually, late on Friday night. An atypical day - no gigs. A good day, because I got to hang with my kids. Most notably, with my youngest, Robbie, at his 5th grade field day (I seldom spend serious time outdoors in the sun, and so I seldom think of sunscreen - any more than I consider an umbrella when it's raining. Now, however, I am two-tone.), and then with my oldest, Joe Jr. for his driving test (delayed gratification for him; he's 18). He did great, and now he's off (hopefully not to the races). When my day really will be Saturday, I'll be confronting my oversight that 5/26 is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I took a gig in Rehoboth Beach, De. Beach traffic. Yippee. Once I get there the gig should be fun. Hmmm, I'd better sleep some.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Are you home yet? Or still tied up in beach traffic?

Speaking of Joseph ... did he/will he graduate? And how are you doing with all this?


Sunday, May 27, 2007  

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