Sunday, July 15, 2007

It all goes so quickly, especially when you lose the first day. All of our sets are completed, and the festival is now concluding. This year they have added a Sunday evening "build a band" buffet; taking the personnel from 3 bands and rearranging them ("build a train wreck" may be more fitting, we'll see). Actually, it could be fun. I'll try to check in briefly afterward. We (the MB sextet) were very well received. My short pianorama (solo piano set) went very well, and even there, the airline debauckle remained the storyline. Got some of the band, as well as the piano(-roni-riffic-licious- oscopy)-rama on video. after getting home and editing, I'm sure something will show up on video (youtube). The altitude bothered me again this year (perhaps more so, having no time to acclimate). It dawned on me this morning: they offer oxygen at all the venues. My headache is gone! Now I know.


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