Saturday, July 14, 2007

Okay, now it's Saturday. So, what happened? How do you document a whirlwind? We left for the airport before dawn again (roughly same time, second day in a row), and this time we had a plane. By now, though, we had been told at least a half-dozen different accounts of the location of our luggage. Part of the problem is that the airline that cancelled us re-booked us on a different airline, which, upon check in, refused to accept us, as the flight was overbooked. Going back to our original airline got us seats the following day, but by this time each was insisting that the other had our bags (containing everything necessary including instruments and music), and that TSA rules forbade us from retrieving them. It turned out that our bags flew on both airlines (via a connecting flight), and were in Reno when we arrived. From Reno, a 3+ hour drive in the rental cars, to take us straight to our 2nd scheduled set (we had already missed the first). We all looked pretty ragged (and some of us, including me, hadn't showered in a couple of days). We literally ran out of our cars upon arrival, and immediately understood why you are told to allow time to acclimate to the altitude. I remained out of breath and week-legged for several hours. We did, however, pull off an entertaining set, and later, once slightly settled, a strong musical set. Our "harrowing tale" has become the talk of (a portion of) the festival, and the people are very responsive and appreciative. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well last night (this was expected, as last year, perhaps due to the altitude, I could only sleep for 2 hours at a time), but don't feel bad, really. We just returned from a hosted breakfast, and soon today's sets begin. I'll check in again when I can.


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