Monday, July 16, 2007

Just after midnight now (Pacific time) on Sunday; taking a break from packing . We will leave (relatively) early in the morning. These festivals are a "mixed bag" for me, and I have a lot of jumbled emotions (at times) concerning this. I often say about the MB crew; to a person - at some level - it's about the art. This is the foundation upon which we build our performances (even in the "high shtick" zones). I can't say that I find much of this in some of the bands on this circuit. The bands/musicians that are artistically driven are why I'm here (at this point on the path). Although I shared a "build a ???" set tonight with some fine musicians, I can't say that the event was presented (by the "leader" of our set) as "about the art". It was, at times, frustrating, at least, on stage. I "needed" to watch my favorite Keith Jarrett video upon returning to the condo to regain some "perspective". There, now I've vented. The festival is officially over, and God will continue to do his work. I do feel good about the continuing application of "performance spirituality" (just made up that phrase) that allows me to connect in a performance where I'm as mad as **** about some of what's going on onstage. On that level, tonight was a success.


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