Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's almost like I hear the engines revving, as the cars are about to be cleared over the starting line. Another way of saying what I continue to feel: that I'm being prepared for something - that will be revealed soon - but I don't know what, exactly. I do know what direction, though - somewhere beyond the "starting line" (defining this particular "new beginning" place). There are some new (and improved) concert and gigging opportunities that are being presented for next year (too soon to announce publicly), but I think there's more to it. God's providence is an uplifting anticipation - if you trust God. If not, then it's just the unknown future; where everything depends on you, fate, and luck (or worse, it's all void of meaning). Ugh! I'm really connecting with the playing much of the time, especially last night and today. That's the most fun of all! Some of the the youtube posts give a little taste. What's also exciting is that the disciplines; including practicing, are tightening. All of my efforts in this "one man show" (those I accomplish, plus those I ought to be accomplishing) amount to a boatload of stuff. Of course, I'm not "alone". And help is on the way!


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