Thursday, July 26, 2007

Late Wednesday evening, just after 2am. Successful gig with Bryan Clark at the Globe tonite. Already have repeat bookings. Speaking of repeats; just got word that we'll (the Midiri bunch) have a return trip to the Orange County festival next year. That's pretty good, since we're still a week away from this year's festival. We're flying out next Thursday (hopefully) morning. As with Mammoth, I'll try to check in more often when there. Sorry I've been negligent over the past week. It's kind of like I never recuperated from the last trip. I think the biggest thing for me is the disruption of routine. Not only do the festivals put a big hole in my schedule, they also bunch things up on either side. As the trips may be coming more frequently, it's just something that I'll have to get used to. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll succeed in updating my schedule, at least for the coming months. Don't expect the August '08 gig to go up just yet, though. Because of how this is structured, I need to create each new month in order; meaning that I can't effectively post August until July (and everything properly before that) is up. Soon, though you'll see at least March go up, as we just booked a new festival (for us) in Monterey, Ca. Lots of stuff happening. it's cool. speaking of cool; my youtube videos have now generated over 1600 views, and the pace of new views is increasing. More to come on this. Okay, time for a nap.


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