Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday morning, and now home. Same deal as Friday; it's difficult to find time to do much anything but travel on those designated days (referring to yesterday: Monday). Getting on-line, especially, for any length of time seems to not work at all. At any rate, left (relatively) early, at returned home especially late; landing around 1am, and pulling into my driveway around 4am. It is possible, if not likely, that I will be able to post a solo cut from the "pianorama" today, and perhaps, a full band cut or two later this week (needing to take the time to review these sets more thoroughly). Got some nice video of the scenery on the car trip from Mammoth to Reno. I may play around with the possibility of posting some of this as well. Now home, all of the other ongoing concerns/responsibilities/quandaries crowd in rather quickly. Time to get busy. No coffee yet, but my sentences are still complete. Not bad.


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