Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just "checking in", having completed uploading a couple of videos to youtube. Over 3,100 views now! Have been playing (and will continue to, in the coming weeks) a bunch of 2 pc/rhythm section/left hand bass gigs lately. This concept is reflected in the recent posts, and is fun to watch (for me anyway). On another subject:
The recording/CD production "realm" is kicking back into gear now. Am working with Ned (my graphics dude) on the design for "Do You See What I See". The mastering session (where we create the final recording to be duplicated) is scheduled for mid-September, and the CD should be available in plenty of time for Christmas (also, the Prince Theatre Christmas show; built around my 2 Christmas CDs is taking shape. it's going to be really cool!). More recording in addition - this time with the Midiri Brothers and crew. I'll keep you posted on that one as well. As for my schedule; next week is a little slow (to be expected) - then, it takes off! I'll be poking at the schedule page on my site over the coming weeks to try and catch up (with the new bookings). Now, time to get ready for the gig.


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