Sunday, August 05, 2007

Late Saturday night now, and we're almost through. Just one set to go tomorrow. There've been some good musical moments, and some others. I have been very well received, which is nice. Yesterday morning I was sitting at my table in the hotel restaurant, and I heard someone from the next table over say (referring to me); "He's the Other Brother" (referring to the CD title of my recent collaboration with the boys). Joe keeps referring (on mic) that since this is my first time out to this west coast festival, I've been disoriented, and go out to the beach each morning to await the sunrise (groan). Spent some nice time today with Gary (Cattley) and Kathy, who, on Monday as the rest of us go home, will be travelling to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. Cool. On a different topic, the youtube view count is now over 2000, and climbing more rapidly. Some of the comments I am receiving really make me smile. This came in an e-mail (copied with permission) from a fellow musician (a church organist from Canada): " I just had to tell you that I really enjoyed your arrangements. Some of those chords and rhythms were really unique and exciting. I hear a number of influences from Junior Mance, to George Shearing to Erroll Garner and more.. and then there is your own particular style that is really engaging and adventurous at times and very serious, personal and romantic at others. I agree with you with regard to music being a moment with God. I have always maintained that there was no need to be nervous if it is only about you and God. Nervousness is about contending with pride and ego and concerns about "performing" for other people, and unless you get rid of those two things, you never quite get there in terms of the music. You mentioned that you would like to get freer as in the music becoming a public prayer. I haven't gotten there yet, but I do know that when I disregard everyone in the room and make it not a performance, but make it a conversation (for the lack of a better word) between God and myself, the outcome is much better." Neat, huh?


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