Sunday, August 05, 2007

One quick comment about the last post (only a few minutes after putting it up). Just watched it once more, and there it is (again): the "connection" (between each other, and with the audience), and the joy. As my thoughts continue to clarify regarding the previous post: This is not about the performance being tied to an expectation; that anyone has already predetermined what approaches are "permissible", and what (otherwise) is to be dismissed. Not in this video, certainly. The audience is eager to connect with Chick (and company's) creative expression. They want it to be real, and valid, and authentically him. They are there to be uplifted, and elevated - not to demand that creative offerings fit in a small inflexible box (watch it, Joe, you're really venting now). I don't mean to assert that this festival realm is all that, but it does exist, to an extent. I'll bet that if Chick Corea performed a stride piece (stranger things, no doubt, have happened) - which would, if he did, proceed from his artistic integrity and be as real/valid as anything else - his audience would continue to embrace him. At least I hope so.


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