Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chick Corea Akoustic Band - How Deep is the Ocean

Just watched this; pretty amazing, really. The festival is winding down now. Our contribution is complete, and I am back in my room. We don't fly out until tomorrow morning, so I can take my time and also (hopefully) get some things done. While still at the Hilton, I took advantage of unused meal vouchers and ate a really good meal in the lobby restaurant: where there was a band venue (which we played 3 times this weekend). The old dixie stuff; where it's more about the cultural museum than the art was, honestly, starting to grate on me. When it's about being something else (a contrivance?) more than honest expression, it, at best, struggles for authenticity. I could listen to Louis Armstrong all day, but, he wasn't here. Before coming back, I poked around the other venues, and enjoyed some of the individual musicians (particularly in the Titan Hot 7), but overall, had pretty much had enough. To my experience this weekend, we (the Midiri Brothers Sextet) were the most "progressive" band - if for no other reason (but there were some) than we played from the Artie Shaw "book". Good grief! Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for these opportunities (some festivals are more stuck in "fundamentalist trad" than others - some refuse to book our band - some are very open), I'm just venting a little, and I hope it doesn't get me in trouble :) I think, really, what we are doing here will define more and more the future of these festivals, and it seems that many acknowledge that. I'm grateful for how well the band was received, and also me individually. Watching this Chick Corea video did seem to balance things out a little. Or, perhaps, provide some artistic stimulation that I didn't get here. Don't think I'm being too harsh now. Really, it's all good - when it's good.


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