Friday, September 21, 2007

Another piece of (just confirmed) news: small, but significant. I've just been confirmed for a solo set at the Pismo festival next month. Part of the deal with joining the Midiri guys (beginning last year) on their already established festivals, and going in with them on all the new ones, is to introduce myself as solo artist, in addition to a sideman with the band. And, in God's providence, I've re-entered the scene at good time. Here's (a portion of) what I wrote in the notes of the video post "Once in a While"; taken from a small solo set (pianorama) at the Mammoth festival:

"These events are also opportunities for me to build connections (as an individual player) with a larger "audience". One step at a time. No wait, this is me I'm talking about. Multiple steps (spinning plates) while stepping on other things. Whatever :)"

In the last post (on this blog) , I referenced working out concepts for just such an occasion (although that night I had in mind a one song feature that I know is coming at the Sun Valley festival the week before Pismo). Now I can take it further, even in this "baby step". It will be cool.


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