Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday night, and a little overdue checking in. Have several gratifying gigs lately, and some potentially interesting video posts are possible over the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I have the mastering session for the new Christmas CD, and next week we begin the recording for a new Midiri Brothers CD. I'll keep you posted. Back to youtube - Check out the steep climb of the recent post of My Blue Heaven. Although posted recently, the hits keep surpassing - one by one - videos further down the timeline. If you hit "see all videos" at the bottom of the box, you will get 20 to a page and can (as I have been) "monitor the chase". I knew I need a better stride post. Apparently, this one is it (for now, anyway). Passed 4,000 total views today, and Always has joined Somewhere Out There in the "500 club". Am also making new friends, and broadening the network. It's all good.


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