Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Last week was intense. Sorry for not checking in. My sleep patterns are all fouled up now (and it's way later on Monday night then I should be up) - it was bound to happen. I will enjoy the easier pace of the next couple of weeks, and am already looking ahead (and forward) to the r&r component of next year's jazz cruise. The end piece of last week was my (first, and hopefully not last) duo gig with Dan Tobias last night. Not one to waste an opportunity to spin a plate, I've already posted a clip on youtube (forget the link, just go to my channel page and find it!), and others will dribble out later. The "radar" with Danny was pretty strong, and even a little akin to Joe Midiri and myself (a unique set of circumstances there resulting in a strong musical rapport). last night hit my 2 biggest comfort zones: solo piano jazz, and accompanying. I'll look forward to more adventures with Danny.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Hey Joe!

Just a little quote to make your day:
"The biggest barrier to progress in human history has not been ignorance, but the illusion of knowing." Daniel Boorstin, Former Librarian of Congress

I know that has nothing to do with your most recent post but I thought you'd appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007  

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